• Rather than sending your state income tax dollars to the Department of Revenue, why not use them to help provide a Tiftarea education to a deserving student?

    In 2008 the Georgia General Assembly passed the "Education Expense Tax Credit" law which allows taxpayers to redirect a portion of their Georgia state income taxes to a qualifying student scholarship organization (SSO). Our SSO partner, Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program uses these contributions to award financial aid to students with a demonstrated financial need who wish to attend Tiftarea Academy by enrolling in Pre-K, Kindergarten, or first grade or by transfer from a public school. 

    Individual and corporate taxpayers receive a tax CREDIT against their Georgia income tax liability for amounts contributed to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program. Tax credit limits based on filing status: 

    • Married filing jointly up to $2500 per tax year 
    • Married filing separate up to $1250 per tax year 
    • Single or Head of Household up to $1000 per tax year 
    • Owners of S-Corps, LLCs, & Partnerships up to $10,000 per tax year 
    • C Corporations up to 75% of their total tax liability per tax year 

    Becoming a GOAL contributor is easy, just click the link below and GOAL website will help guide you through the process. If you have any questions regarding donating to the Georgia GOAL Program, please contact Heather Fletcher, Director of Development & Marketing, hfletcher@tiftarea.org. You may also visit www.goalscholarship.org 

    This is an awesome opportunity for you to make a significant contribution to Tiftarea at no real cost to you. Please show your support by becoming a GOAL contributor!